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Subject: DRAFT Agenda for Boston F2F 1/4-5/2001

I would like to propose the following agenda:

1) Review of V1.0 (Geneva) Schedule (10 min)
2) RR speaking opportunities (Korea/ XMLOne) (15 min)
3) Quick review of RIM changes; forward to QRT with clarification of
changes.  Note any outstanding issues for inclusion into v2.0 plan (2.5 hour
max).  There are NO substantial changes allowed in this specification.
4) Registry Services (the balance of the two day f2f):
	- ad hoc query
	- content query statements
	- security
5) Finalize RS and forward to QRT

Considering we have an open telecon line throughout this f2f, I am proposing
that we make the most of this to engage others that are not able to
participate especially when important decisions are made.  My proposal is
that whenever achieve consensus to a topic between f2f participants, that a
selected f2f participant post a message to the listserv regarding the
consensus and allow other team members to respond via the listserv to the
list message.   After two hours after the posting, if there are no negative
comments, the topic is recorded as a complete consensus by the registry
team.  If there are objections within the two hours, those with objections
should call in at the two hour mark to defend their position.  

The rule of thumb is that the ebXML Registry Project Teams NEEDS to finalize
its team approved specifications by this Friday and forward to QRT.
Outstanding issues will be recorded and rolled into the v2.0 (Vienna) plan.


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