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Subject: RE: XPATH query Take 2

Michael Rowley wrote :

> >> I understood that XPath statements like the examples
> >> shown are designed only to return the _first_ object
> >> that matches the criteria, and that there is no
> >> easy way to get any more matches using XPath.
> That is not correct.  The semantics of XPath queries are to return a set
> of nodes.

Thanks for correcting me Michael, you're right, it states that in the XPath
The problem is in trying to access that returned node-set and then do
anything with it.

I'm afraid I don't see having to write Java code and using the the Xalan
XPath implementation you mentioned as an "easy" way of getting the other
parts of the returned set, especially seeing as the parts of the
documentation you referred me to say "For Advanced Use Only"  all over them.

Thanks for the Xalan reference anyway, nice to know it is possible.

BTW, is this XPath.execute statement part of a W3C recommendation anywhere
or is specific to Xalan ?


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