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Subject: Re: XPATH query Take 2


Do you actually think that a person designing a high volume XML server is
going to process all requests with a DOM parser?  Give me a break.  Try SAX,
you can process XML that way with a tiny memory footprint.


<<| message from: duane <duane@xmlglobal.com> |>>

> David RR Webber wrote:
> > The initial registry model calls for registry interaction to
> > occur prior to runtime.   Therefore support for discovery is important,
> > and that processing WILL occur on the server.  It will not be high
> > due to lower user count.  Even in V2.0 the server will be king.  In a
> > loosely
> > coupled model you cannot expect all the clients to have installed
> > suites - that's what hamstrings CORBA.
> >>>>>>>
> David:
> The users of ebXML will have to have XML parsers to participate in
> ebXML.  It is not hard to write a couple of simple handlers to grab an
> XML fragment from an XML DOcument instance.  THink of scalability.  If
> GCA adopts ebXML with all 800,000 + of their member companies it will
> cripple the Registry if they all ask for one document to be loaded into
> the DOM and some processing done.
> If we are not going to build it properly from the start,  we should not
> build ebXML at all.  THe Requirements document clearly states that
> scalability is a prime factor for the architecture.  IT is not hard to
> keep the processing off the Registry.  IN fact,  it is favourable
> because the XML fragment being returned still has to be parsed by the
> user.  THerefore we have nothing to loose and everything to gain by
> doing it this way.
> DUane
<<| end message from duane <duane@xmlglobal.com> |>>

Matthew MacKenzie
VP Research & Development, Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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