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Subject: RE: Registry/Repository questions and comments

Message text written by "William J. Kammerer"
>What if Qwest "discovered" us in the ebXML Registry,
marked as willing to take electronic invoices, even if only in "baby"
steps? Maybe we would specify that we want a "print" image in PDF, Word
or Excel.  Perhaps short of an X12 811 Consolidated Invoice, that's all
Qwest would be able to provide for now.   Qwest would probably find us
by DUNS or Tax ID, information they could easily obtain from D&B or
Lycos' Companies Online at http://www.companiesonline.com if they hadn't
already asked us for these IDs when we started service with them.  Using
the company name to search for us would make the "discovery" difficult
to automate as the name could be spelled any number of ways.


Thank you, thank you for a simple shining beacon of light here!!!

I've just been saying that the UDDI model is causing us major
contortions - and that we should NOT be sweating this - just
simple query will work - and the security does not have to be
tough either.

Now back to the business model.   Actually I'm seeing this the
other way around.  The real big deal is the electronic billing - 
now my bank is into this and its super - and the USPS is doing
it - so now its main stream.

So - in your model - Qwest sets up an ebXML Registry, and
a front end for.  Then sends a cute flyer to all its customers - 
$10 credit for next three months if you signup to get your
billing electronic.  All you do is go to this URL - fill in the 
registration - and this secret passcode enclosed - and
you're account code - assign yourself a password - 
and you are in.

Duh - Qwest knows who their pigging customers are already!!!
They do not need discovery.  They can authenticate themselves 
by sending out a mailing to the paper address - you recently 
signed up for - blah, blah.

Now where were we?  OK - now they can ask you if you want to
allow other partners to reach you electronically?  If so - go
update your profile and select some extra info' on your business -
what does it do exactly?  Choose from classifications online.
The usual $10 incentives apply!  They are now your authentication
service too.

Ok - enough already - I'm off to call Qwest before you do and
sell them on this project...."superYellowPages" that pays you

All that is needed is 128bit browser and shttp, a password and
a firewall and the US Postal Service.

Trouble is when you set up committees they kinda think they
should be producing lots of specifications - instead of thinking
of business reasons to not produce spec's - but business 
models instead - huh?

Thanks, DW.

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