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Subject: RE: Simple Boolean Query Proposal.

Message text written by Krishna Sankar

        This looks simple enough to implement - an implementer could even
this to a SQL if they want it. David, did you produce any artifacts out of
the NIST (query) work you mention in this e-mail ?

        On a related note, Matt, are you of the opinion that the regrep
with basic/core query building blocks/primitives and the vendors can choose
to implement adaptors (OQL,SQL,XML-Query) over those primitives ?




Thanks for the note.  Yes in the Smithsonian implementation we were
both automatic SQL and Btrieve queries directly off the one boolean query. 
even managed a rudimentary query optimizer by looking for indexed columns
and priority columns on the backend.  Amazing what you can achieve with
simple thoughts.

I like Matt's thoughts too - and maybe we can quickly meld these ideas 
together and come up with a draft DTD to try out?

I have a document that I was referring to from 4 months ago.  I'll post it 
somewhere on a URL in the morning.  I probably ought to quickly 
visit on it first and pull out stuff that's been deprecated - or just make
summary doc' on the simple query stuff alone.   There was a lot of 
clutter in the original doc' as it was intended for general brainstorming


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