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Subject: RE: Review of thoughts on Ad Hoc Queries

>>How about a simpler requirement - will it work - and will it get the
business need delivered?  

First and foremost, I agree with this statement.  Thanks David.

>>If we cannot find existing work that measures up on Query - then
we should be guided by this prime directive - and create some simple DTD
logic mechanisms that will get the job done for a first phase and not make
it any more complex than that.

Second, I don't think its a problem finding other custom defined approaches.
There are probably several dozen to consider -- which is actually the
problem --- I want this to be successful now -- not five years from now
after we debated this to death.  

Should we have a straw vote on the OASIS 12/20 query approach vs. XPATH vs.
OQL?  If so, it needs to be discussed, detailed with mappings to the RIM,
then voted upon based on analysis.  these mappings could make the RS
document more complicated.  


Syntax            Mapping to RIM
OQL               Direct
XPATH             Requires creating virtual document views of RIM
OASIS             ????

It took us one full day to do this for XPATH, will it take another f2f for
the OASIS approach????



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