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Subject: RE: Review of thoughts on Ad Hoc Queries

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
>In essence, using OQL is no different than
using UML to model.<


I would say this is not a tenable statement!

Let's leave it at that.  Also in reviewing the
W3C work on XML Query and OQL - there 
are definately holes in the OQL approach
long term that have been documented.

The awkward trouble with this is that I 
can't share this with you - but the other
W3C members on this list can certainly
access the latest XML Query work too.

So that is where that stands.  We had this argument
in Tokyo.  Inventing query syntaxes?  I think
not.  Using existing standards?  How about simple
mathematical logic statements - you can't get more
obvious, standard and intuitive than that!  

Keeping it really really simple for people
to understand?   I'd like to stay focused
there - as that is #1 - Requirement that 
should take precedence.  If we cannot 
find existing work that measures up on Query - then
we should be guided by this prime 
directive - and create some simple DTD logic
mechanisms that will get the job done
for a first phase and not make it any more
complex than that.

That is what has been tabled - and because
it is neither UML nor OQL there seems to be
an issue with this?

How about a simpler requirement - will it 
work - and will it get the business need


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