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Subject: Re: Query related comments (was RIM v0.54 distribution)


I will be address these issues tomorrow, however some
immediate thoughts below.

Thanks, DW.

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi

At the moment, I (and the query experts I have talked to) believe  the
that you  have been advocating (also the NIST approach) as tantamount to
rolling your own query syntax. Just because it is XML does not make it
else. It is not based on any standard. It is not familiar to clients. And
of all it is difficult to spec.

>>>>>>>>>>>>  I'm not sure how this opinion ever got started - but with the

                              latest draft I have taken strenous efforts to
show how this is
                              simply NOT the case here - a XML container is
clear not a
                              query syntax.

I assume that you will demonstrate how RIM based sample queries and their
combinations will be represented in the approach you advocate soon. We need
something analogous to the queries I published in both XPATH and OQL

>>>>>>>>>>>>> On the one hand I'm hearing that we should explicitly NOT be
                                developing any syntax specific methods -
and on the other
                                I'm hearing demands that methods should be
                                with explicit code examples in XPath and

                                It cannot be both at once!    I will assume
that something
                                that demonstrates a generic API method -
where the 
                                implementation query syntax is completely
                                is what people are expecting to see.

Lastly, we need a mind meld as a team on this issue soon since time is
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Scott has marked Friday for this.

Thanks, DW.

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