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Subject: RE: Updated Constrained OQL proposal


Yes indeed!  I agree with the issues and factors noted here.

So now at least we understand the problem domain.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
A focused query is one where the query interface is fixed to do a
specific query
task. A focused query approach pre-supposes what the client would wish
to wish
to search for. Focused queries are defined statically by the Registry
Focused queries are analogous to calling statically defined methods that
have a
fixed signature.

The current “browse and drill down” queries of the Registry are examples
focused queries. The UDDI find_business_by_name query is another example
of a
focused query.

The issue I stated regarding focused queries is again cut and pasted:

Focused queries have the following problems:
1. They pre-suppose what the client will wish to query since they do not
the ability to build complex queries from simpler predicates.
2. They are a maintenance headache since the Registry must support a
interface for each supported query
3. They are not easy to use because the client has to remember separate
syntaxes for each query.
Based on the reasons above, a constrained ad hoc query is recommended as
requirement for Registry query interface.


In essence focused queries suffer from a combinatorial explosion
problem. Please
correct me if that is not what you meant by find*(). Note that the
current 3
browse and drill down queries are example of focused queries. Focused
queries do
not meet our requirements.


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