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Subject: Re: TP EDI Enabled ?

Message text written by duane
>Our discussion, as I recall it,
was centered around the fact that only SO's can determine whether or not
the information they wish to place in a Repository is considered
confidential business information.  Therefore,  the onus was left to
them to determine if it is desireable or represents a risk to place such
info in a Registry Index.<


What happened to the public domain requirement?  Klaus
was adament that UN legal would advise that all information
be treated as such otherwise big problems follow.

Obviously its up to the SO to decide if they want their 
info' to be PD by putting in the registry - if not - don't!

This is a much simpler model than the converse.

I think you are still saying this - but less clearly!?!

Unless you are saying it may be publicly accessible,
but they still retain rights to that information.  That's 
a slightly different call - but amounts to the same
thing from the registry point of view - ie security is
required to protect the integrity of the registry and
to authenticate access - and that's it.   Less hills
to climb in a simpler model.

Anyway - the point stands - that if you are worried
about information security = do not put it in the 
registry - put it somewhere else, and put the URI
to it in the registry!


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