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Subject: RE: Meeting notes for 02/14/2001

Meeting Notes for 02/14/2001

Joe Dalman- TIE Commerce			Sally Fuger- AIAG
Farrukh Najmi- Sun				Kunio Mizoguchi- ECOM

John Pietit- KPMG				Ken Tamura- Infoteria
Mike Yatchman- Avaya			Kathryn Breininger- Boeing
Lisa Carnahan- NIST				Eugene Van Roessel- WTCM
Chris Nelson- Dimension EDI		Chaemee Kim- KTNET
Brian Young- Boeing				David Webber- XML Global
Yutaka Yoshida- Sun				Nic-La Stojanovic- Excoda

Len Gallagher- NIST				JP Morgenthal- XML Solutions
Stefam Goelee- Siemens			Prasaad Yendluri- FISC
Brian Kelly- DLA				Hari Balakrishnan- Sybase

Meeting started at 9:00 am
Most of the day was around Len's comments going 9:00 to 1:00 and 1:00 to

The meeting starting with continued discussion around Len's comments and
needs for changes to the RIM.  The following changes were agreed by the
Len Comment 1:  No change and a new box was not added called
Len Comment 2:  Len had 7 proposed solutions to this comment, which were
resolved as follows.  4. Add enumeration deletionScope, which has
"deleteContentOnly" "deleteContentRegistyEntry" in DeleteOjectRequest  4.
add status withdrawn
5,6 Add enum to association types REPLACES, REPLACED_BY
2. "each ManagedObject is releated to exactly one repository item" with a
note for future relaxation possibility. Like "maybe blah blah"  Solution 1
was not done along with 3, 7.
Len Comment 3:  The main issue in comment 3 was summarized as follows:
Model Package and Classifications nodes should be modeled as content not
metadata.  The group agreed that this would have too be done in the future
and for now all nodes have to be registered locally.
Len Comment 4:  Group disagreed and no changes were made.
Len Comment 5:  The main issue in comment 5 was summarized as follows:
Classification is broken, Classifications must be able to point to remote
classification schemes.  Farrukh and Len will work on how this will be
worked out in the Registry Services Specification.
Len Comment 6: The main issue in comment 6 was summarized as follows:
Existing model is too sparse, some of the important issues should be cover
in version 1 of the specification.  For example a.  Should have the
following attributes in the managedobject.  Stability, PropertyRights,
AdditionalStatusTypes, Expirationdate
	1. Add String userVersion attribute into ManagedObject
	3. Add enum attribute stability with three values
	5. Add date attribute expirelationDate
	6. Add association type to represent RO
	dismiss 8
put 2, 4, 7, and 9 into todo list
Len Comment 7: The main issue in comment 6 was summarized as follows:
Rename ManagedObject and ManagedObjectContent
	Agreed upon:
	ManagedObject -> RegistryEntry
	"managed object content" -> "repository item"
Len Comment 8: The main issue in comment 6 was summarized as follows:
1)	Remove object oriented bias from the model
	Method vs attribute?
-> In the method table, change the font of the words, which stand for the
attribute name

Scott Hinkelman from IBM did a presentation on some thoughts around UDDI,
ebXML RegRep and the OASIS RegRep.

JP asked a question if work was going on in the OASIS RegRep.  Lisa answered
back that work is being done and that.  She went on to say that they are
waiting to see some of the pilot work being done to see about voting on the
specs in June.  Scott Hinkelman pointed out that the main point is too look
at the use cases of OASIS and see what can be learned from them and if they
could be used in ebXML RegRep.

Scott pointed out that he feels that the UDDI and ebXML are complementary.
Currently work has been done this week to look at how SOAP, ebXML TRP, and
W3C XP which will allow the different type of registries to communicate with
each other.  The last part was a recommendation to look at how we can look
at OASIS regrep, ebXML regrep, and the UDDI at how they could move forward

The Group agreed that we should look at how we can look at the concepts of
how UDDI and ebXML could work together.

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