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Subject: Re: IBM UDDI / ebXML / OASIS presentation given 2/14/01 in Vancouver

Message text written by Dan Chang
>I would like also to recommend that a task force
be formed looking immediately into merging the ebXML Registry Information
Model/Services specification with the OASIS Registry/Repository Technical
Specification. This will additionally benefit the industry and customers.

Regards,  Dan<



I'm not so totally convinced.  We have worked hard on an ebXML 
model that suits the needs.  While there are still some issues
that we were not able to resolve with Farrukh in Vancouver,
I for one would stop short of totally adopting the OASIS info' model
lock stock and barrel.

Horses for courses.  What I like about what we have right now is
that there is the right amount of overlap without being lockstepped.

Anolther major factor for us is ISO11179 interfacing.  I have been
researching that aspect - and again ebXML appears better equipped 
for metadata business focused content in this regard.

Thanks, DW.

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