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Subject: Action Items


Thank you very much for your contributions. Like I said, we've
accomplished really a lot this week.

Here're the action items we agreed today, and proposals/resolutions
for all items shall be posted by the next conference call, which
I'm planning to have on comming Fri.

Scott(N), your name is under "audit trail". Please discuss this matter
with Joe.

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems
Len, Scott H.
    Text for section 8.2 in RS for Query mechanism
    Len will prepare this by 5PM EST on wed.
    Update the specs according to the discussions
    Incorporate Len’s proposal to RS
    Keep the change logs -> send to Joe D.
Farrukh, JP M.
    Fix DTD
Scott N., Joe D.
    Audit Trail
Lisa, Nikola
    External Coding Scheme
    Diagram of Registry architecture
        – various types of clients and a server
        - resolve very basic issues in i18n

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