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Subject: Re: External ID draft

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
>On second thoughts I cannot articulate why RegistryEntry instances need
a URI based referencing machanism. Repository items of course do, and
the RIM supports that use case with contentURI attribute of

Since I am responsible for raising this issue, I humbly withdraw the
suggestion and apologize for the confusion it may have caused. Of course
if there are different thoughts they should be discussed.

Notice: My understand was that QR raised this issue also as a 
show stopper deficiency. 

Therefore we must show how we have addressed this item. 
Or if we are not sure what the issue is - refer it back to QR for further 
clarification.  I was clear in my understanding of the need here - and
specifically the need to support Core Components and versioning
directly from XML content as noted in my previous email.

Thanks, DW.

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