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Subject: RE: Centralized Registry Discovery Mechanism

Message text written by "Petit, John"

Is this progressing? I have not seen any discussion about centralized
registry discovery on this or the other boards. I would be happy to help
this effort if needed. Has the idea of a registry CPP been broached to the
TP group?



The last I recall on this was that we had said the RegRep spec' would
specify a sub-directory off the local Registry server for the 
CPP XML doc' to be saved in to bootstrap that local registry.

i.e. http://myregistry.companyx.com/ebXMLregistry/

and the default doc is ebXMLcpp.xml

Then I recall someone saying we needed some sample
CPP's.  I guess though - pending Len's DTD - and the TRP
changes afoot - which we now have, it was difficult to complete
the CPP sampler.  So maybe now we can do that - or John 
you can do a first pass at that for us?  (nb: Farrukh did a early
one of these for Tokyo that can be followed to do a newer

Once we have that done - its simple for the various HTML
and XML search engines to find those CPP's and expose
them for people  / and or to expose them via peoples
own CPP and websites.

I'm not sure we need a distributed list of this - but in anycase
XML.org is set to do at least the list of locations of the CPP's
for us.

I'd rather not go down a complex and difficult path - when 
a simple approach based on existing ebXML spec's will
get us a workable version 1.0 solution.


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