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Subject: RE: Distributed Registry Proposal Approach

Message text written by Bob Sutor
>I want to add a few points around this discussion.

UDDI is something to be used in any way you wish. No one is asking ebXML to
adopt the specifications from an intellectual property perspective, just
store information there.<



This is a very good point.  In the 'Copernic' navigation model I proposed
last week - UDDI is just another information source ,and one that can be
categorized and searched into - just as Copernic does now.  In fact 
taking this approach means a user would not even know the internals
of UDDI.  

The Copernic interface allows you to iconically select classification
domains to search.

These can then be local ebXML registries, identifed via their CPP info'
and a networked pre-search, just like Copernic uses a locally defined
set of registries.

The beauty of this approach is that it is VERY simple - SME friendly,
and does not require the complexity of Registry of Registry and 
heavy weight replication of Registry to Registry content.

See http://www.copernic.com  for how this searching and location
system works (all XML based too!).

I should have sometime to develop a proposal paper on this 
later this week.

Thanks, DW.

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