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Subject: Re: Resubmission of Distributed Registry Approaches.ppt

This sounds like a good way to handle the Registry's CPP.

I do want to point out, however, that since the CPP contains only IT
parameters, it isn't obvious that the CPP is what you want to search on to
locate a desirable registry.  First and foremost, that registry URL has to
point to a page that contains "business" information about the registry -
industry or industries it supports, etc.  That's the primary information
that the spidering tools have to find.



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David RR Webber <Gnosis_@compuserve.com>@compuserve.com> on 04/03/2001
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To:   Lisa Carnahan <lisa.carnahan@nist.gov>
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      "Nieman, Scott" <Scott.Nieman@NorstanConsulting.com>
Subject:  Re: Resubmission of Distributed Registry Approaches.ppt

Message text written by Lisa Carnahan
Having said this,  I agree with Mike Rawlins that given our time frame, if
we have to specify something then we could write a policy in the RIM that
for the intial phase, ebXML registries mat be found through the UDDI
mechanism.   I view most of this as a policy issue and that if registries
see a business case for cooperating with each other, they will.  We can
then revisit this in phase II, after we gain some experience in this area,
and see how registries are used, and the need for registry cooperation (or
ebXML policy).


I like the RSS approach to solve this R of R issue.

We said several months ago that Registry should have a CPP and that
the CPP should be stored in a sub-directory off the Registry site URL.

ie.  http://www.myregistry.com/ebxml/       and in there the ebXML-CPP.xml

exists.   This allows spidering tools to easily find that content.   Since
the search engines are setup to go do this - just makes abundant sense
to play to this strength instead of trying to invent something that noone
doing right now.

You then have total local control of how your Registry is perceived by the
world by modifying the CPP.

And by registering your URL with the search engines, just like everyone
does today - you make your site available to anyone using a wide
variety of search systems.

Actually we could even try this out this week - if various people are
prepared to put a CPP up and then show how running a quick query
pulls in those sites information.


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