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Subject: Re: Resubmission of Distributed Registry Approaches.ppt

Message text written by Martin W Sachs
This sounds like a good way to handle the Registry's CPP.

I do want to point out, however, that since the CPP contains only IT
parameters, it isn't obvious that the CPP is what you want to search on to
locate a desirable registry.  First and foremost, that registry URL has to
point to a page that contains "business" information about the registry -
industry or industries it supports, etc.  That's the primary information
that the spidering tools have to find.



Thanks for thought.   Yes, I'm seeing that the CPP supports the first pass;
now you know that the registry is out there, and some basic information,
like what queries it will allow, and 
then you can query it to find out if it contains the Classification you are

interested in (what the user keyed in as the search), 
and that will identify the domain knowledge.   

At that point you present the options to the user - here's the 
following classifications that match your request - pick 
ones you want me to search from there, and I'll go ask those
associated registries.

If we wanted to get fancy we could also have the registry tell you
how many entries it has for that classification - to optimize the
search to the top 10 registries in that category.


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