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Subject: Re: Resubmission of Distributed Registry Approaches.ppt

Message text written by Scott Hinkelman
Good point Marty. In ebXML, there needs to be a Specification Schema
defined to obtain that business information.



I'm not sure on this - since we already have Classification.

Say I wanted all Plumbers then I use the Filtered Query on
Classification only  to discover if the registry has any classification
containing 'Plumber'.  I may get back a set of responses showing
NAICS, UNSPSC and DUNS as answers.

Another approach would be - since I'm only interested in Businesses
as a a priori - I could pre-determine that classifications for NAICS,
UNSPSC and DUNS exist, and query instead on those classifications
being in the registry.

As I previously noted - knowing how many registry items reference
that classification would then give an indication of volume of content
too - to allow prioritization of subsequent search requests.

The alternative is to specify a business classification ourselves,
but this seems to be a path we don't want to traverse.


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