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Subject: Re: Resubmission of Distributed Registry Approaches.ppt

Message text written by Scott Hinkelman
I completely agree with Lisa's comments. Further, to add to her point 2), I
don't see OASIS, already operating their .org registry, or even CEFACT
(judging from Ray W's Vancouver comment about minimal resources) operating
some BIG registry. Do not under-estimate the operating costs. Some of us
have concluded that an instance of an ebXML Registry will most likely be
community-based, as Lisa well describes, unlike some global directory like
UDDI. That said, if you believe this to be the most likely topology, you
would agree as I do that Klaus's comment is misdirected.

That's why I like the Copernic approach - no one person is picking up the
and no one site is the lynchpin in the process.   The search database
by osmosis and you get to select your own spread of search sites.  

And most especially you do NOT need to rely on content distribution - you
find content where it is laying on the ground.


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