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Subject: MORE: Implicit CPP/CPA for Registry and Registry client

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
I wanted to remind the team that I am working on an action item from our
last meeting to re-introduce the implicit CPP/CPA for the registry and
registry client. These were removed from the spec when we got woefully
out of date with the TP teams specs. My action item is to bring them
up-to-date with current TP and BP specs.

So yes the registry will have an implicit template CPP in the spec
defined in terms of the TP and BP specs as will the registry client. The
two CPPs will be used in much the same way as 2 parties that wish to
conduct eBuisness together. This has always been the intent of our




Great!  I look forward to seeing your deliberations on this.  This is 
a major NON-TRIVIAL piece to put in place.  Having been down this 
road - I fully appreciate the amount of work it takes to trawl through
the many and disparate pieces of the TRP and BP spec sections
to get all the right answers.   In some sense this is also a very
important validation of those other spec's - that they can be used
to succintly and clearly describe the registry services interfacing.

This ain't easy - and perhaps we should have gotten to this sooner,
but eh, 20:20 hindsight is easy!

Thanks once again for your tireless efforts on these gnarly details.


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