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Subject: Questions on RIM and RS.


Here are a few more questions I had. I would be
grateful if someone could clarify them. The first 2
are significant enough that they are holding up my
POC implementation.

If ExtrinsicObject captures metadata for content whose
type is unknown to the Registry and ExternalLink
stores the URI
to content that is external to the Registry, what
interface in RIM captures metadata for content which
is stored in the
Registry and whose type is known to the Registry?

This definition of ExtrinsicObject contradicts
Registry.dtd. A more fundamental question: is it a
good idea to return
repository content within the body of the XML response
rather than including such content as MIME body parts
in the
output document? After all, when registry content is
input into the Registry, it is contained in MIME body
together with the SOAP:Envelope header and the

What purpose was RegistryPackage, WithdrawnObject and
ExternalItem meant to serve? These are not present in

How is repositoryURL different from contentURI (in
ExtrinsicObject, as defined on 2760)?


Sanjay J. Cherian
Software Architect
Sterling Commerce
Irving, TX


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