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Subject: Online 'Yellow Pages' For Business to Launch Next Month

"Online 'Yellow Pages' For Business to Launch Next Month"
InfoWorld.com (04/13/01); Vance, Ashlee

A finished version of the long-awaited Universal Description, Discovery,
and Integration (UDDI) Business Registry from Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft
is expected to be launched by May, according to a Microsoft spokesman.
The initiative has 30 vendors on board to help with the rollout, while
its backers have increased to 130 since the project was first announced
last September. The UDDI Registry will be split into three sections: the
White Pages, Yellow Pages, and Green Pages. The White Pages will list
what services each vendor offers and what protocols they support; the
Yellow Pages will sort companies by geographic location and tag business
operations with government codes as well as international and
technology-based naming standards; and the Green Pages will specify
transaction entry points, documents the companies can receive, and the
technology they support and interact with. Ariba, Microsoft, and IBM
plan to coordinate the collection of registry data for about the next
year, and then turn the operations over to a standards body whose name
has not been disclosed yet. The three founding vendors hope that the
UDDI Registry will be an easier way for companies to provide information
about their online products and services as well as attract customers
and business partners, and promise that submissions will be free.

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