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Subject: Re: Sun / IBM joint submission on using UDDI to locate ebXML Registries

Hullo Scott, all.

Well written document and well selected examples, but there is an issue 
with the Reg/Rep tModel where
it is taxonomized as being an 'xml-soap-specification', when in fact it 
would be using the TRP extensions
to soap, no?

A tmodel therefore to say that it supports the 'TRP flavour of SOAP' as 
opposed to vanilla soap
would be preferential, IMHO.

All that would then need be done is for ebxml.org to maintain its own 
tmodels in an ebxml.org
business maintained by ebXML. A lightweight process for registering / 
ugprading keys could
then be provided.

As to the tModels being canonical within UDDI thats an interesting issue. 
It might be easier
to specify the tModels within an ebXML UDDI business entity that is managed 
and maintained
by ebXML. All an operator node need then do is store and keep up to date an 
ebXML business
entity to allow the description and discovery of ebXML RegRep compliant 
services within UDDI.
I guess this applies equally to the 'global UDDI' and commercial or 
non-public UDDI conformant
nodes that refer to ebXML specifications.

Is mise le meas,


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