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Subject: RosettaNet Enables UDDI Universal Business Registry



RosettaNet today announced the registration of 83 RosettaNet business process standards within the UDDI Universal Business Registry, making RosettaNet one of the largest contributors of e-business process standards to UDDI thus far.  This registration effort seeks to simplify the registration and discovery of e-business processes by and between companies using RosettaNet standards to transact business across the supply chain.

An e-business registry specification serves an important function and is most commonly referred to as an electronic version of the Yellow, Green and White Pages.  A universal registry structure allows companies to register the attributes of their e-business environment: who they are, how to find them and the types of electronic business relationships they can support.  It is a focused way to discover partners and determine their capabilities, regardless of industry or geography.  Assuming both partners are speaking the same language, they can also choose to begin a "plug and play" e-business relationship.

"RosettaNet sees real value in a single, universally accepted registry standard which can be used across all supply chains, such as the one developed under the UDDI Project," said Jennifer Hamilton, chief executive officer for RosettaNet.  "We were pleased at how quickly we were able to register all of the RosettaNet PIPs within the UDDI registry.  We're confident this up-front effort will enable companies to register themselves and their support for specific RosettaNet PIPs quite easily."

This announcement is among the first in a series of cross-industry XML standards initiatives from RosettaNet, the leader in global e-business process standards for the Information Technology (IT), Electronic Components (EC), and Semiconductor Manufacturing (SM) industries

A coalition of 260 plus business and technology leaders are facilitating the development and deployment of an open, Internet-based Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) specification. UDDI is an important building block in enabling businesses to quickly, easily and dynamically find and transact business with one another using the electronic business processes they support.

"The UDDI registry provides a great resource for RosettaNet enabled businesses to further enhance their ability to efficiently participate in e-commerce relationships," said Christopher Kurt, general program manager of UDDI and group program manager at Microsoft.  "Global visibility of both the RosettaNet PIPs, as well as the consistent registration of the large number of RosettaNet trading partners, ensures that electronic business information can be readily exchanged throughout the high technology industry.  UDDI is a key enabler for the next generation of e-commerce."

RosettaNet views the UDDI initiative as a complementary enabler to RosettaNet's business process standards in the high-technology industry.  Part of the information captured during the registration process includes the specific business processes and protocols supported by each participating company.  By registering as a RosettaNet-capable trading partner, along with the specific RosettaNet PIP versions supported, UDDI can be used as a convenient way for companies in the IT, EC and SM supply chain to discover each other and their capabilities.

"In order to win in today's competitive landscape, you must be able to reconfigure your supply web quickly," added Paul Tearnen, vice president, standards management, RosettaNet.  "RosettaNet's scope does not cover registries or repositories.  We have identified this service, however, as an important and integral part of an overall e-business process architecture and are pleased with our working relationship with the UDDI Project," said Tearnen.

RosettaNet is encouraging its partners to register with UDDI to speed connectivity between RosettaNet-enabled trading partners, lower the cost of e-business discovery and integration, and facilitate and simplify the set-up of supply chain relationships, especially with small and mid-size trading partners.

Standards Components and Convergence: A RosettaNet Perspective

Many private companies and industry organizations today are proposing a wide array of vertical and horizontal standards in support of a common e-business language -- so many, in fact, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate among the multitude of standards activities.  "There is currently no way of easily identifying the e-business process challenge each standards organization strives to resolve.  More importantly, it has often times been difficult for standards bodies themselves to identify where their efforts may be complementary and where they may be overlapping," said Hamilton.

RosettaNet has surveyed the XML-related standards space and, as a service to the industry, has developed a conceptual model that not only defines the components required for B2B business connectivity, but also enables the comparison of horizontal and vertical XML standards efforts using nine distinct layers.

RosettaNet's presentation, "XML Standards Components and Convergence: A RosettaNet Perspective," and supporting documentation is available on its Web site. Click here to view this page.

About UDDI

The Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) project is a 260 plus member coalition of business and technology leaders committed to the acceleration and broadening of business-to-business integration and commerce on the Internet through enabling Web services. For more information on the UDDI Project go to: http://www.uddi.org.

About RosettaNet

RosettaNet is an independent, non-profit consortium dedicated to the collaborative development and rapid deployment of open Internet-based business standards that align processes within the global high-technology trading network.

More than 400 companies representing over $1 trillion in annual Information Technology, Electronic Components and Semiconductor Manufacturing revenues currently participate in RosettaNet's standards development, strategy and implementation activities. A complete list of partner companies and more information on RosettaNet can be found at www.rosettanet.org.

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