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Subject: RIM update


Here's the latest RIM. What's changed since the last one is:

+ version number is now v0.90
  Nikola suggested this because it's better to move up to
  v1.0 for the real publication than making v1.0.X.
+ table(line 648)
  Association Type "PackagedBy" was deleted.
  Association Type "Packages" was changed to "HasMember", and its
  description was changed to "Defines that the source Package
    object has the target RegistryEntry object as a member"
+ table(line 732)
  Type "Object" was changed to "RegistryObject"

Everything else is same.

Thing discussed but not reflected in the RIM is:
+ We have to scan all "RegistryEntry" because some may be
  meaning "RegistryObject".
  -> Will be addressed after this submission for the final review.

I didn't attach the disposition log since there's no
update in it.

So, take a look at them quickly and if there's really
a show stopper for the final review, please speak up.

thank you,
yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems



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