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Subject: RE: Meeting notes 05/07/2001

Meeting Notes for 05/07/2001

Joe Dalman- TIE Commerce			Sally Fuger- AIAG
Byoung-Youl Song-ETRI			Kunio Mizoglichi- ECOM
Nikola Stojanovic- Encoda			Jong L. Kim- InnoDigital
Len Gallagher- NIST				John Pietit- KPMG
Sejin Nam- K4M				Kathryn Breininger- Boeing
Lisa Carnahan- NIST				Kyu-Chul Lee- CNU
Anders Tornquist- Comfnct AB		Deuk Jin Jung- KIEC
Yutaka Yoshida- Sun

Meeting started at 12:00 pm
Started by setting agenda for the week with goal of making any changes to
both specifications by Wednesday.

Most of the discussion from 12:00 to 12:30 was around a need for clearer
definition of the repository within the specifications.  An example of this
was listed on line 184 of the RIM where the group changed the wording to
include repository.  Another example was on line 173 where Sally felt the
words registry content weren't clear and content was taken out.  

Another request was made on the RIM on line 627 where someone felt that the
picture should show a many to many vs. what was displayed.  The group felt
it was okay and requested if a new picture was required the person
suggesting it submitted a new one by Tuesday.

Lunch break 12:30 to 1:30

1:30 pm:
Line 241 had a word changed from content to information.  There was a lot of
discussion if the word should be metadata but the group felt it was more
then just metadata.
Line 298 had a change to remove the last two words in the sentence.
Line 302 removed the sentence that talked about future revisions of the
Sally suggested that the word "Slot" is defined in the ebXML glossary
Line 333 had the word item changed to items
Line 380 added User, AuditableEvent, ExternalIdentifier
Line 399 added ExternalIdentifier 
Changed SetMajorVersion from get to set in description
411 added ExternalIdentifier
483 added ExternalIdentifier
Section 8.2 getPersonName had description changed to personname
                   GetUserName had changed to getPersonName and the
description changed to                             	       personname
Len will keep changes needed for DTD.
Sally suggested that each of the tables for Method Summary have a
description of what Method Summary they are for.  Yotaka agreed and will
make the changes.

The group will put the updated changes to v1 of the RIM in the private area
of the workgroup.  This closed the discussion on the RIM document.

3:00 pm to 3:15 pm Break

3:15 pm
Discussed: open issues from Requirements team
First issue was that Requirements team didn't want Registry to mandate that
it use the TRP specifications.  Some additional sentences were proposed to
change the wording from mandate.  The change was put in Section 4.2
Second issue: was Registry of Registries on 388 at the end of section 6.  An
additional paragraph was added to describe better this area.
Third issue: RequestAcceptedResponse w/interfaceId, requestMessage, actionId
are not defined beyond DTD.  The group decided that they should be removed
in the DTD in section A2.  The line number starting at 2921 and include a
sentence in Section 6.4 of how to map interfaces to TRP.
Fourth Issue: Content Pointer in SubmitObjectsRequest needed more
description which Nikola will try to add.
Fifth Issue: How does one submit a repository Item?  We need a pointer to
the messaging services paragraph in the area of line 2927.  Len felt this
was needed so one knew how to submit a repository item.  Farrukh was going
to help write some sentences to explain this

Lisa described some of the issues we need to work with around the CPA
What CPA is looking for is some additional information on how we would work
with the CPA specifications.

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