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Subject: RE: Meeting notes 05/10/2001

Meeting Notes for 05/10/2001

Joe Dalman- TIE Commerce			Sally Fuger- AIAG
Nikola Stojanovic- Encoda			Jong L. Kim- InnoDigital
Len Gallagher- NIST				John Pietit- KPMG
Vadim Draluk- BEA				Kathryn Breininger- Boeing
Lisa Carnahan- NIST				Kyu-Chul Lee- CNU
Yutaka Yoshida- Sun				Scott Hinkelman- IBM

Meeting started at 9:15 am

Main discussion was about where does the Registry Project Team go after

Since Executive Committee has identified Reg/Rep has part of OASIS the
discussion was around ways we can do that.

10:00 am 

We had one of the OASIS people discuss some of are options which we will
look at talking about more as information is put out by the executive team.

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