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Subject: Re:RE: illustration of business requirements


    The Business Process Methodology task group has recast themselves as the
Business Process task group in recognition of their decision to focus on a
single meta-model instead of individual business process models.

    Not sure I agree that the diagram expands the scope of the requirements
document.  My take is it simply aligns components of ebXML into either the
business architecture or technical architecture components.  Expansion, if it
comes about, would be in developing specific business models by the Business
Process group and detailed DTD's and tags by the core components group.  Given
the discussion I heard in Orlando, I think there is a sizable contingent within
ebXML that believes we should, to use Mikes words, build the mousetrap (DTD's
and tags based on ebXML developed and/or selected business models) instead of
just developing the plans for building the mousetrap. My sense is this will be a
significant issue at the Brussels meeting.
Mark Crawford
Research Fellow
LMI Logistics Management Institute
2000 Corporate Ridge, McLean, VA 22102-7805
(703) 917-7177   Fax (703) 917-7518
"Opportunity is what you make of it"

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