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Subject: RE: 2.4.1 requirements document

Quick comments on one point only.  If these points have already been
discussed, I apologize.  I have trimmed the direct respondents to
Duane and Scott.

The "human interface" is not classified as an "API" per se, but rides on top
of the registry and repository API.

You are correct.  API does infer Application interface.

Java servlets, Perl and/or XSL could
formulate the HTML to XML API transformation, and simple client/server
technology (sockets, HTTP, etc.) could pass the data to the Registry.
Requests to the registry could be passed on to the Repository as a proxy
service to retrieve repository contents.

This method still carries extra overhead for the client in terms of
development.  I have received numerous communiques indicating a concern for
the actual costs for SME's.

In what way do these technologies require client-side development?
All of these technologies are server-side or browser-plug-in
technologies.  The main human interface problems in this scenario
would be browser configuration and the ever-present web-site
learning curve.

-- Roger Glover 
   Norstan Consulting 
  * E-mail: Roger.Glover@NorstanConsulting.com 
  * Office: (612) 352-5718 
  * FAX:    (612) 238-5718 

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