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Subject: RE: ebXML Question re: Comments by Organizations

Mike, Bob,
           I don't think that it is a good idea to start weighing the merits
of a comment, suggestion, or proposal depending on the "importance"
(importance can be defined in many ways) of the entity submitting it.  This
will lead to quicksand.  

Also I don't think that we should start explaining,in writing, our reasons
for doing something or doing something in a particular way.  As a wise king
say two hundred years ago-- your decision will probably be the correct one,
however, your stated reasons for doing it are probably wrong.

     Don Rudie

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Subject: Re: ebXML Question re: Comments by Organizations


Thanks.  That's a well articulated, common sense type of answer that
what I was thinking.  I still would like to see some other opinions though,
and have it on the agenda for our next call.


sutor@us.ibm.com wrote:

> I don't think that there is a formula to tell you how to weight any given
> submission. I do think that it is important to attach the contributor to
> the submission when you are considering it so you can gauge the
> context for information. If a large organization proposes something
> that you consider outlandish, you should do some work to understand
> why it submitted it and whether it is really considered a high priority.
> You might not have the cycles to do quite so much work for individual
> submissions, though ultimately you need an explanation of why you
> included or excluded any particular requirement.
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> Bob Sutor
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> sutor@us.ibm.com
> Mike Rawlins <rawlins@metronet.com> on 03/28/2000 12:26:17 PM
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>       ebXML Requirements" <ebXML-Requirements@lists.oasis-open.org>
> Subject:  ebXML Question re: Comments by Organizations
> I would like some guidance about how to deal with specification comments
> received from an organization.   It is clear that ebXML membership and
> voting is by individual, the group being composed of individual
> "experts".    However, comments on specifications are not quite so
> clear.  Most of the comments on the ebXML Requirements Specification
> came from individuals.   We did receive one submission from CEN/ISSS as
> an organization commenting.   I think it appropriate to review the
> comments, but I find the submission somewhat troublesome.   Are we under
> any obligation to give the comments more weight than others because they
> came from a group?   Should we treat them as just another individual
> commenting?  Or, should we not consider their comments since we are
> functioning as individuals?   (NOTE:  I don't see this as a problem with
> comments submitted by other ebXML project teams, particularly when they
> relate directly to their respective requirements in the specification).
> I feel certain that we will run into this again as the other
> specifications are released for comment.  So,  I think it important that
> we decide on a policy soon and clearly articulate it.  I would like to
> see some first impressions on the listserv, but ask Klaus and Bob to put
> this on the agenda for our next steering committee call.
> Mike
> --
> Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting
> http://www.metronet.com/~rawlins/

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting

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