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Subject: Conference Call Correction


Sorry!  My mistake.  The call is scheduled for Friday, March 31 at these
times, *not* Thursday.


Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting

     Your Mar 24 e-mail stated that the conference call was Friday 3/31.
     When did the change occur?  I can only stay on until 1:00 PM tomorrow.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Rawlins [mailto:rawlins@metronet.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 12:43 PM
To: List, ebXML Requirements
Subject: ebXML Requirements Conference Call Details March 30

Our next call is tomorrow, Thursday, March 30.

U.S. Times:  9:30 AM Pacific
                  10:30 AM Mountain
                  11:30 AM Central
                  12:30 PM Eastern

The call is scheduled to last an hour and a half.

Dial-In Number: (608) 250-8227
Participation Code: 671856

We will be discussing comments received during the first comment period
for version 0.6 of the ebXML Requirements Specification.  We received
around 20 comments, some short, some quite lengthy.  I have reviewed
many, but quite a few came in at the end of the period and I have not
reviewed those yet.  Our first order of business will be to decide on a
process for dealing with comments.  For those of you familiar with
formal comment procedures (like those used for X12 for example), we have
no such constraints.  We are under no obligation to respond to
comments.  However, I think it would be good to offer some level of
response from the team if we are able to do so within our timeframe (we
are scheduled to release the next revision for comment on April 10 for a
two week comment period).   I think we will better achieve consensus and
get fewer comments on round 2 if we respond to comments from this
round.  However, we'll need at least one volunteer to draft the

I propose that we start the review by, as a group, going over each of
the comments and discussing them.  With any luck, we can get through all
of them in our two scheduled calls and still give Mark, our editor,
enough time to complete revisions for April 10.  If we don't make enough
progress tomorrow, we may want to divide up the remaining comments, work
them with the submitters and on the listserv in the next week, and then
report the results/recommendations in our next call April 6.  Please
give it some thought and we'll decide tomorrow.

I will try to get all of the comments posted on our private team web
site before the call tomorrow.


Mike Rawlins, ebXML Work Group, Requirements Project Team Leader

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