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Subject: RE: TPA Requirements


I donít think the ebXML StC set forth each project teamís goals. As I
recall, each team determine what its specific goals should be. Thus, my
personal opinion is that it is well within the domain of the Requirements
team to examine whether adding trading partner agreeement information should
be incorporated into the ebXML requirements.


| I am wondering how discussion on tpaML is relevant for ebXML
|Project Team ??? Any expansion of the ebXML Requirements Team
|agenda needs
|first approval of ebXML Steering Committee as well as an
|agreement from the
|project team members. This should not be included in the
|agenda topic for
|the Conference call on Aug 1.
| I need to more specifically seek answers from our team
|members whether or
|not we have achieved our initial goal as defined by the ebXML Steering
|Committee and what contributions are we bringing from our team
|to San Jose
|meeting ?? Those are more relevant topics.
| Ravi Kacker
|-----Original Message-----
|From: Mike Rawlins [mailto:rawlins@metronet.com]
|Sent: Friday, July 28, 2000 3:03 PM
|To: ebxml-stc
|Cc: ebXML Requirements
|Subject: TPA Requirements
|IBM's submission of tpaML is quite timely, since one thing I noticed
|when reviewing the latest round of specifications is that we don't have
|much on trading partner information.  To pursue this topic, I am
|tentatively volunteering the Requirements Team to develop the process
|and information requirements for trading partner information.  We'll
|discuss this at our team conference call this next Tuesday,
|and I should
|have a definite proposal to put to the Steering Committee at
|its call on
|After developing the requirements, the work can then be handed off to
|another team (perhaps Architecture) to develop or adopt an
|implementation specification.
|Mike Rawlins, ebXML Work Group, Requirements Project Team Leader

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