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ebxml-requirements message

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Subject: ebXML Requirements Team Conference Call Details and Agenda

Many thanks to those of you who responded and offered to host the call.
Our usual host was in meetings, and his phone number changed.  However,
he did just now contact me.  Here are the details:

Date:  Tuesday, August 1
Time:  9:30 AM - 11:30 AM US Pacific Daylight Time  (Los Angeles - I'm
pretty sure that's GMT - 7:00)
Dial-In #: (201) 368-8714
PassCode: 390270


1)  Update on Steering Committee activities, general details on meeting
next week, logistics, other general information

2)  Updates on active work items:
a)  Requirements Traceability Matrix
b)  Promotion of ebXML specs to standards

3)  Requirements Team taking work item for trading partner profile
process and information requirements.

4)  Agenda planning for next week's meeting

5)  Assuming we decide to take responsiblity for trading partner
information, preliminary discussion about scope and how to proceed.

6)  Other business

Mike Rawlins, ebXML Work Group, Requirements Project Team Leader

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