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Subject: Header changes


Two things just happened.  I received an email from list member asking me why in the h*** the message 
headers changed.  At the same time I just noticed that my filters to move ebXML list messages in to 
folders failed to work.  Examining the headers showed that the list administrator has made major changes 
to the headers.  No more sender: header, but many List-xxx: headers.  I am sure this is part of making the 
lists deal better with errors and ownership issues and therefore welcome the change.  But at the same 
time, I also know that I am not the only one who depends on filters to sort emails.  It would have been 
nice to send an announcement out to that effect.  That way everyone would have been informed about the 
change before hand.  I am sure I will get more than one email from users who not to happy about being left 
in the dark.  One can overcome those problems via communicating changes as early as possible.



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