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Subject: Re: Draft Specifications now available for review on the web

On Sun, 09 Jul 2000 22:58:54 -0700, Duane Nickull wrote:

>I was in the US for Thursday when I got your message that 
>the original attachment did not arrive.;  I since
>sent you the last spec on Friday Afternoon.  I have one 
>which is updated and can arrive Monday morning to
>supersede the last one I sent (We would prefer this).
>Please confirm that you have at least one spec.

I have received the 0.6 spec on Saturday and passed it on to Sun.  If you want the newer one to be used 
instead you need in addition to the new spec also the comment disposition log file.  Since you have not 
mention that you have such a file at this time (and before 10am this morning), I suggest you stay with 
the file you send on Saturday.



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