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Subject: Minutes - ebXML biweekly Steering Committee teleconference - 5 July2000

Minutes - ebXML biweekly Steering Committee teleconference - 5 July 2000

Present: Anders, Duane, Klaus, Lisa, Marcia, Mary Kay, Mike, Rachel, Ray, Rik, Scott

Absent: Anne, Bill, Bob G., Bob S., Dick, Nick, Paul

Teams not represented: Coordination, PoC and OASIS


1.   Update on ebXML Web Site maintenance Issue.

Concern was expressed in regard to the registration page still not working. Klaus will check on status 
with the new Sun Web Master.

Note: Each team is responsible for maintaining their own work-in-progress web page(s).  Mike will send a 
copy of the instructions how to get assess to all steering committee members.

Lisa asked about each project teams public web page, if it is not identical to their own maintained one 
(semi public work-in-progress). Klaus outlined that each project team has a general page (public), and 
also a working page.  The general page is just for mission and other static information, not really 
meant for navigation.  If you want to make changes, you should be able to send changes to the new Web 
Master. Marcia made the point that her team would like to maintain their own general page.  Which was 
echoed by the rest. This raises the issue "What is the process on how to interface with the new Web 
Master?".  Klaus to check and report back.

2.   Update on next ebXML meeting in the Bay Area

It seems that most StC members will not be staying at the meeting hotel due to the high cost.  The host 
should be aware of this since it may affect their contractual requirements in regard to block size of 
guaranteed nights.

A discussion on the format of the boot camp took place.  Monday, 09:00 to Noon (or if required 13:00), 
we will have the Boot Camp. The plenary will only be about an hour at the end of the day on Monday.  
Duane suggests an initial presentation with an overview of the standards work in general.  Then each 
Project Team can give a detailed presentation on what their group is doing. Duane agreed to put out a 
draft agenda for the boot camp, including the material for the initial presentation to the StC for 

[Note: Bob G. if you had something else in mind please let us know ASAP]

Friday will end at 15:00, with the plenary scheduled to start at 13:00 or 14:00, making sure that there 
is enough time for voting.

The first quarter meeting in 2001 (Vancouver) has been changed to 12-16 February to eliminate the 
conflict with the X12 meeting.  EbXML will now be the week immediately after X12's meeting in Seattle. 

Last ebXML meeting is scheduled for May 7-11, in Vienna.

3.   Report on ebXML list server issues/status.

There is still the issue of error messages being sent to the list owners (project team leaders).  As 
pointed out before, Majordomo does allow errors to be send to either a general errors list maintained 
only by the list server administrator, or routed to a different address than the list owner.  StC asked 
that OASIS requests the current administrator to address the issues and resolve it ASAP.

4.   Update on possible issues identified during the current
     review of our ebXML Draft Specifications.

No specific issues in regard to the specifications.  However, there is still the problem with the web 
site not having been updated so that the specification are available via the web site.

It was agreed that the Team leads will send by tomorrow (latest) a copy of their current specification 
that is under review to Klaus.  Klaus will than forward all files to the current Web Master in order to 
update that page on Friday.  After the page is updated Klaus will announce via the ebXML general list 
the availability of those specification via the web site.  Mike will make a proposal for a new review 

[Note: Message has been send to the list and there is a proposal to do a complete review cycle of all 
drafts under review to ensure that due process has taken place.]

5.   Status on developing a roadmap and master project plan

Item closed, Anne should have everyone's plan.

6.   Functional description for Team leads and Team editors (Rik

Mike and Rik to work on it for next meeting.

7.   SOAP Update (Rik Drummond)

TP&R prepared a paper outlining the differences between SOAP and ebXML's specification in order to 
identify what requirements may be added to ours, or is ours usable with SOAP. Note: It seems that 
BizTalk members are actively monitoring our list and adding our features to their work without proper 

Rik will send a short outline on the issue to the list.

Duane to send a outline of biztalk as it compares to ebxml, especially where ebXML's strength is, to the 

8.   Other Business

CEN issue (see Lisa's email from Sue Probert) about the proposal of a new workshop that overlaps our 
TP&R PT. Ray and Anders are asked to follow up and report back to the group about the possibility that 
this group will or will not be created.

Glossary status:  Question is being ask for on the work progress by the Coordination team. Dick to 
report back to the StC ASAP.

Scenario example: Coordination had proposed to develop a standard scenario to be used by all project 
teams as the "standard" example, as well as to serve the PoC team in their demonstration work.  The 
question is in regard to the status and progress. Dick to report back to StC ASAP. Rik suggested that PT 
should identify areas they like to see being included in the PoC project and let Nick know about it 

9. Next Conference Calls - July 19, August 2 (17:00 Central Europe/16:00 UK/11:00 EDT/08:00 PDT)

       Dial-In Number = 1-800-338-9779  
International Callers = 1-719-457-0711  

Password = 144244


Thank you Mary Kay to forward your meeting notes helping me to verify my own notes in order to provide 
the best-of-breed minutes. Klaus

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