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Subject: RE: Minutes - ebXML biweekly Steering Committee teleconference - 5 July 2000

I'm sorry I missed yesterday's steering committee call.  We had a tech
coordination meeting that went about 1.5 hours, which meant that it ended a
half-hour into the steering committee meeting, and since I'm in Hong Kong it
was already past midnight so I just went to bed.

> 2.   Update on next ebXML meeting in the Bay Area
> It seems that most StC members will not be staying at the 
> meeting hotel due to the high cost.  The host 
> should be aware of this since it may affect their contractual 
> requirements in regard to block size of 
> guaranteed nights.

If we get the $10K promised from Commerce One, Sun, IBM, and GM, plus the
$5K from Muzmo, we should negotiate a lower rate (by subsidizing the $189
rate) for people staying at the hotel since we don;t need $45K to put on
this event.   I'm not sure who "the host" is but it has to be ebxml so I'm
confused by this comment.   And "high cost" is relative I guess. i think
that the $189 rate is excellent for a hotel of the quality we have because
I'm sure this is a step lower than the usual corporate rate there.

> A discussion on the format of the boot camp took place.  
> Monday, 09:00 to Noon (or if required 13:00), 
> we will have the Boot Camp. The plenary will only be about an 
> hour at the end of the day on Monday.  
> Duane suggests an initial presentation with an overview of 
> the standards work in general.  Then each 
> Project Team can give a detailed presentation on what their 
> group is doing. Duane agreed to put out a 
> draft agenda for the boot camp, including the material for 
> the initial presentation to the StC for 
> review.   

Tech Coordination spent at least a half hour discussing boot camp and we
thought that the project at a time format wasn't entirely desirable unless
the presentations were very carefully coordinated.  Otherwise new people
don't get a view of how it all fits together.  Tightly interlinked
presentations that cover the work of the technical teams comprehensively is
a lot of work of course so the plan we're working on is for Commerce One and
Sun, both of which have lots of people in all the WGs, to work together
(most of the people are in Silicon Valley, and this is especially easy for
Commerce One, since just about all of them work for me in the same building
and we're already working on an ebxml overview for internal presentation) to
put together the bootcamp material so there are lots of cross references and
scenario support in the bootcamp materials.  The participants would wear
their blue UN hats and the fact that they came from only a couple companies
would be de-emphasized.


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