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Subject: RE: Trading Partner Agreement Markup Language

Mary Kay,

Not having had the benefit of hearing Marty's presentation, I can't speak
with firsthand knowledge. However, my cursory review of the tpaML stuff
leads me to conclude that it is not all that dissimsilar to the information
that the 838 Trading Partner Profile transaction set, to wit:

"838 Purpose and Scope Statement
This Draft Standard for Trial Use contains the format and establishes the
data contents of the Trading
Partner Profile Transaction Set (838) for use within the context of an
Electronic Data Interchange
(EDI) environment. This transaction set can be used to request, change,
verify or transmit business
profile information to or from a trading partner. This information can be
used by the receiver to
facilitate the processing of the senderís business transactions.

The transaction set may be used to convey government survey information,
business classification,
general survey information, summary supplier ratings, changes in the EDI
environment information,
tax information, entity relationships, and general business profile
information to update automated
information data bases between trading partners."

So, I do believe that the traditional EDI folks can comprehend what the
tpaML is intended to accomplish.


|-----Original Message-----
|From: mblantz@LTVSteel.com [mailto:mblantz@LTVSteel.com]
|Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 6:38 AM
|To: ebxml-stc@lists.ebxml.org
|Subject: Re: Trading Partner Agreement Markup Language
|Marty gave his presentation at AIAG last week and it was most
|informative.  Just
|want to mention that the title is a bit misleading, if you're from the
|traditional EDI
|Trading Partner Agreement world.  This is quite different from
|that, and should
|give us a
|lot to talk about.
|sutor@us.ibm.com on 07/27/2000 03:55:43 AM
|To:   ebxml-stc <ebxml-stc@lists.ebxml.org>
|cc:    (bcc: Mary K Blantz/CLGO/LTV)
|Subject:  Trading Partner Agreement Markup Language
|As many of you know, IBM offered its tpaML (Trading Partner Agreement
|Markup Language)
|to OASIS last January. As predicted by some people in this Steering
|Committee, most of the
|interest in tpaML came from within ebXML as it has obvious
|connections with
|the work going
|on in several of the project teams, most notably TRP and BP. After
|consultations with many
|people within OASIS and ebXML, we have decided to slide the tpaML
|standardization work
|over from OASIS into ebXML. On the Wednesday of the San Jose
|meeting, Marty
|of IBM's Advanced Commerce Institute will give a one hour talk
|about tpaML
|and this should
|set the stage for the ebXML community to decide exactly how to
|proceed with
|it. Marty will
|be joining IBM's ebXML team and will available for the whole
|meeting should
|any one or any group
|wish to discuss the tpaML spec in greater detail.
|Bob Sutor
|IBM Program Director, XML Technology
|Chair, OASIS Board of Directors
|716-243-2445 / Fax 716-243-1778 / Tieline 320-9138
|Cellular 716-317-6899 / Pager 1-800-946-4645 PIN # 1473757

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