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Subject: RE: SJ Technical Orientation Agenda & Presentation Status


Thanks for trying to pare your presentation a bit. Rather than leaving the
slides in the master presentation I think it would be best to remove them.
That way people don't get confused, loose their place, etc. etc.

Just let me know which ones to cut and I'll take care of it.


|-----Original Message-----
|From: duane [mailto:duane@xmlglobal.com]
|Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2000 10:37 AM
|Cc: ebXML Steering Committee (E-mail)
|Subject: Re: SJ Technical Orientation Agenda & Presentation Status
|I am taking Klaus' suggestion about paring my presentation
|down even further.   It is hard because too little
|information will result in more questions being asked than
|answers.   I think I can omit two slides but I will try it
|out on someone to see if the ruse works.
|I will meet the 5:00 PM deadline or I can simply skip over the
|slides during the presentation so either way,  it will
|make the 20 minutes
|BTW - I really like the slide header you guys came up with.
|Lots of kudos, compliments etc.!!!!
|Rachel Foerster wrote:
|> All,
|> Attached is a single slide PowerPoint file with the detailed
|agenda for the
|> above. Thus far I have received slide files for the
|following topics from
|> these individuals:
|> Introduction to ebXML (Melanie McCarthy)
|> ebXML Scnearios (Duane Nickull)
|> Business Process Modeling & Metamodeling (Karsten Riemer)
|> Note that the timing for this agenda now extends the
|anticipated conclusion
|> to almost 12:30 pm! I believe that some of you feel you will
|not need a full
|> 20 minutes to present your topic. Thus, I'd appreciate each of you
|> confirming back to me by the COB Friday, 8/4, how much time you will
|> actually require.
|> Due to the extremely tight agenda I will have to ask each of
|you to stay
|> within your allotted time when presenting your topic. I will
|ring the bell
|> when your time is up so that we can keep the entire session moving.
|> Lastly, for those who have already provided me with their
|slides, please
|> confirm to me that what you've sent me is the final, final
|or whether you
|> anticipate another newer version.
|> For those who have not yet sent me anything, a reminder that
|your PowerPoint
|> slide file is due to me by the COB Friday, 8/4.
|> Thanks,
|> Rachel
|> Rachel Foerster
|> Principal
|> Rachel Foerster & Associates
|> Professionals in EDI & Electronic Commerce
|> 39432 North Avenue
|> Beach Park, IL 60099-3602
|> Voice: 847-872-8070
|> Fax: 847-872-6860
|> http://www.rfa-edi.com <http://www.rfa-edi.com>
|>                                              Name: ebXML
|Technical Orientation Agenda.ppt
|>    ebXML Technical Orientation Agenda.ppt    Type: Microsoft
|PowerPoint Presentation (application/x-mspowerpoint)
|>                                          Encoding: base64

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