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Subject: Corrected: ebXML Registry and Repository project team teleconfere nceminutes September 8, 2000

Sally Fuger, AIAG also attended.

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From: Nieman, Scott [mailto:Scott.Nieman@NorstanConsulting.com]
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2000 6:44 AM
To: 'ebxml repository '
Cc: 'ebXML-StC '
Subject: ebXML Registry and Repository project team teleconference
minutes September 8, 2000

The ebXML Registry and Repository project team held a meeting September
8, 2000 3:00pm-4:45pm CDT.


Scott Nieman, Norstan Consulting
Jon Bosak, Sun
David Webber, XML Global
Mike Evanhoff, Mantech
Joel Munter, Intel
Furrakh Najmi, Sun
Scott Hinkelman, IBM
Lisa Carnahan, NIST

Scott Nieman introduced a plan to accelerate the reg-rep development by
assigning two vice leads of the ebXML Registry and Repository Project
Team.  The Vice Leads have been assigned a project responsibility:

Interfaces -> Yutaka Yoshida is responsible for the delivery of
interfaces for all the services within the context of registy and
repository.  Yuta has been a critical member of the XML.ORG development

Classification Schemes -> David Webber is responsible for the
identification  and coordination of classification scheme to identify
repository objects. He will work with the Core Components, tpaML, and
Business Process project teams to ensure that classification schemes are
available to properly identify, classify and retrieve registered objects
located within a repository.

The team had a simple agenda:
1) Discuss UDDI and eCo, and establish a short term plan.
2) Review comments to the Registry Service spec v0.4.



The group discussed the impact of UDDI with Sun and IBM providing their
perspectives of UDDI, particularily focused on market drivers.  The main
theme was that UDDI was going to happen regardless of ebXML, and we need
to determine the next steps.  The regrep team has decided to review the eCo
Framework (which we already committed to review), and now the new UDDI

The following actions were recorded:

1) Determine the UDDI contact(s) and begin a dialogue (Executive Team
2) Compare both eCo Framework and UDDI based on two main aspects;
interfaces (Yoshida work product) and classification of repository objects
(Webber work product).
3) Discuss the pros and cons between a syntax neutral interface approach
using UML with specific environment bindings vs. hard coding in SOAP.
4) Consider a collaborative approach and work plan based on the above.

This UDDI work activity will begin once the Registry Service specification
satisfies the requirements of the Toyko POC (Target Date 9/15; drop dead
date 9/21).


Registry Service Specification v0.4 Review:

The following high level comments were made (quick list):

-Stick to ISO 11170 terminology.
-Submitted object is the concept; not necessarily a document.  Object may
be a package of many objects (collections).
-Assciation between objects is required.
-Needs to be tied more closely to part1.  We are in design mode now,
versus analysis.
-A submitted object may have one or more Classifications Schemes
assisted to it. 
-Flexible assignment of Classifications Schemes may be a unique
differentiator over UDDI.
-An industry group may devise and submit a classification scheme.
-Document objects may be tranformed or indexed to populate a
classification scheme instance.
-Manual input is possible too.
-Association between Classification Schemes desired (e.g., Business
Process Classification Scheme could potential produce Context Classification
Scheme through a transformation)
-Business Process meta model is BP's classification scheme; they are
already done (when approved)
-Each project team needs to provide classification schemes; Webber will
coordinate. (side note: Even trp events have a scheme)
-Webber will provide classification scheme impacts to the reg-rep model,
such as identifying how to use schemes to create queries etc, and
coordinating the changes in the model.
-Need ability to createClassificationScheme (Classification Scheme is
just another object in the repository.) getClassificationSchemeList,
setClassificationScheme possible calls.
-Yoshida responsible for Interfaces / Service.
-Document Management Services is the Workflow Service in Part1 (Workflow
adds more functionality such as assigning an object to another user / role
-Classification Schemes can be multi-dimensional.


Respectfully submitted,

Scott Nieman
ebXML Reg-Rep Project Lead
Norstan Consulting

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