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Subject: Re: Common Business Objects

"Paul R. Levine" wrote:
... An ebXML Repository that will accommodate UML BPMs must necessarily
> accommodate CBOs as well as CCs that relate to the CBOs.  

This isn;t necessarily true Paul.  These can be kept in different
locations.  The methodology for locating a Registry/Repository has to be
consistent.  One single repository won't scale.

We have specified in the TA Spec (should be to the STC tomorrow), that
the four main doc types - TPA, BPM, CBO and CC, that are kept in
Repositories and indexed by Registries, may be kept in distributed
locations.  It is conceivable that each of those MAY reside in a
different location.  They also MAY reside in the same location.

Just a small point to clarify.

Duane Nickull

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