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Subject: Re: ACTION: REVIEW - ebxml Messaging Services spec v 0.2

works for me;-)

On a related note, what is the correct protocol regarding
ebxml-wide availability of the documents to be reviewed?
I posted the latest draft (v0.21) along with QR's comments/feedback
document on our team's "private" page.


I felt that it wouldn't be appropriate to post it to
the team's "public" page as that would give everyone
on the planet access (which I don't think we want at this
time since it hasn't been formally approved by the
plenary of ebxml members).

Your thoughts?



Klaus-Dieter Naujok wrote:
> Rik,
> Further correction :-)
> After the 2nd public reviews comments have been reviewed and addressed in a further revision that
> has been reviewed by the QRT will a plenary vote take place on that final version.
> Klaus
> --Original Message Text---
> From: Rik Drummond
> Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 22:55:07 -0500
> thank you tim. a correction. this is our second review round. so this will be voted on in the
> plenary in tokyo.... thanks for facilitating... rik
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tim McGrath [mailto:tmcgrath@tedis.com.au]
> Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 8:18 PM
> To: Rik Drummond
> Cc: Ebxml-Stc; 'ebXML Coordination'
> Subject: Re: ACTION: REVIEW - ebxml Messaging Services spec v 0.2
> Last week, the Transport, Routing, & Packaging team submitted "Messaging Service Spec v0-2" to the
> Quality Review team for review. Today (Monday, Sept. 18) is the end of the five business-day
> period for QR team review.
> Attached below is a summary of all comments prepared by Joe Baran on behalf of the QR Team
> It appears that the consensus of all who have commented is that the document should be forwarded
> to the Executive Committee with a recommendation that it be released for the first period of
> review by the full ebXML membership.
> P.S.
> In the meantime, there has been continuing discussion and comment on the referenced document on
> the TR&P list, including the posting of a minor revision (v0-21). I have reviewed the "deltas"
> between v0-2 and v0-21 (by using a "Compare Document" on the Word versions), and they appear to be
> minor editorial corrections. I expect that the TR&P team would actually like to release v0-21. The
> QR Team has no objection, but the idea of setting a precedent of "submit one version for QR review
> and then promote the next version for public comment" needs to be monitored.
> Rik Drummond wrote: for QR's review.
> Please Note: the spec is NOT in the new ebxml document format yet. the
> editor doing it is on vacation. everything else is ready for your
> review.....
> thanks, Rik
> --
> regards
> tim mcgrath
> TEDIS fremantle western australia 6160
> phone: +618 93352228 fax: +618 93352142
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> Klaus-Dieter Naujok                        NextERA Interactive
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