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Subject: Re: ACTION: REVIEW - ebxml Messaging Services spec v 0.2

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 11:04:51 -0400, Christopher Ferris wrote:

>On a related note, what is the correct protocol regarding
>ebxml-wide availability of the documents to be reviewed?

They are posted under the heading "Technical Specifications" with
a subtitle "Drafts for Public Review" on our home page.  In
addition a NEWS bullet will be added announcing the fact. On the
Draft Specification for Review Page we list the individual drafts,
their time period, contact point for comments and the rules for
the layout of the comments.

Hope this helps,


Klaus-Dieter Naujok                        NextERA Interactive
Antioch, CA USA                                +1.925.759.1670

PGP Finger: 6A4B 1683 CD99 E7BE F855  CC2F 4569 6BD8 76BD 1117

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