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Subject: RE: CC AIAG Presentation

thanks, Hey guess what i have questions! :-)    Rik

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From: mblantz@LTVSteel.com [mailto:mblantz@LTVSteel.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 1:57 PM
To: ebxml-stc@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: CC AIAG Presentation

Rik asked for this, and I promised, quite a while ago.  So, here it is.
if you view it as a slide show.  In addition, it's not so different from
what we
at the San Jose Bootcamp.  But maybe it will remind people what we said

We have had another workshop, and it went even better than the first.

(See attached file: AIAG for Rik.ppt)

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