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Subject: Next StC Call - Change Notice

Due to some schedule problems the next call set for Wednesday (4
Oct) next week will be at a different time.

Instead of:

08:00 PDT (11:00 EDT, 16:00 UK, 17:00 Central Europe)

It will be:

10:00 PDT (13:00 EDT, 18:00 UK, 19:00 Central Europe)

I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. This is a change
for this call only.

Bob will send the dial-up information over the next few days.


Klaus-Dieter Naujok                        NextERA Interactive
Antioch, CA USA                                +1.925.759.1670

PGP Finger: 6A4B 1683 CD99 E7BE F855  CC2F 4569 6BD8 76BD 1117

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