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Subject: Tr: Rescheduling TA

Apparently I did not send the rescheduled TA workplan to everyone in the SC,
so here it is (some of you have received it before).


 As discussed at the TechArch conference call yesterday, the earliest we can
expect an updated version of the specification is in two weeks. Since this
gives us a scheduling problem I would like to make the following proposal.

1. We send out the specification for the TA project team review and to the
QR team in parallel. This presents a risk but since the specification has
been reviewed in close cooperation with the QR team, the updated document
should not present any major surprises.

2. According to our procedures the QR team and the Executive team need five
working days each. I hope to work out with them to reduce this to one week.

3. I understand that the face-to-face meeting next week may have an impact
on Business Process and possibly others. If need be we could have a approach
similar to when we voted the Messaging Service specification, i.e. to vote
on a draft with some sections not yet completed. In our case this would
entail a complete FSV part (RR, TRP, TP) and a BOV part (CC and BP) that is
kept on a high level. The full specification, or only the complementary
sections, could be voted in Geneva.

The milestones until Vancouver would be;
15 Dec - Submission to the TechArch and the QR teams
22 Dec - Submission for the 2nd review cycle
12 Jan - End of 2nd review cycle
19 Jan - Submission of the final version to the TechArch and the QR teams
26 Jan - Submission of the final version to the ebXML community
9 Feb - Vote by the ebXML plenary

Anders Grangard
Ingénieur - Consultant en Commerce électronique
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 91 62 24

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