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Subject: Re: FW: OMG/ebXML announces they are now technology Neutral

Fellow members

Sorry I missed the call today. Thought it maybeof interest on the news from OMG.

---------------------- Forwarded by Annabelle Bullen/P I/Arlington VA/C&L/US on
12/06/2000 12:36 PM ---------------------------

Charles L Prow
12/05/2000 11:50 PM

To:   Therese Morin/P I/Arlington VA/C&L/US@Americas-US
      Annabelle Bullen/P I/Arlington VA/C&L/US@Americas-US
      John J. Gervasi/MCS/Price Waterhouse@Americas-US
Subject:  Re: FW: OMG announces they are now technology Neutral  (Document link:
      Database 'Ann Bullen', View '($Inbox)')

FYI, please forward as you see fit.  Chuck

"David Connelly (OAGI)" <dconnelly@openapplications.org> on 12/05/2000 04:22:25

To:   Bill Harrelson <bill.harrelson@canopyint.com>, Charles L Prow/PI/Chicago
      IL/C&L/US@Americas-US, George Siegle <siegle@openapplications.org>, Mike
      Ehrenberg <mikee@frictionless.com>, Nigel Davies
Subject:  FW: OMG announces they are now technology Neutral

>For those of you who have involvement in the OMG as well as EbXml - you
>should note some very important changes that are taking place within
>OMG.  I should preface this with a caution that this is in-progress within
>OMG and not yet official policy.
>As you may know OMG founded CORBA as it's first technology base and has
>since become the founder of the Unified Modeling Language (UML).  OMG has
>spawned a number of very active domain groups which produce industry
>specific specifications.  Until now OMG specifications were expected to be
>CORBA specifications.  What is changing is that OMG is moving to become
>middleware independent.  OMG domain specifications would be expressed in
>terms of UML and then mapped to multiple technologies (Corba included).
>This is a huge step.  No other cross-domain organization is technology
>independent, I think we will see an overwhelming response as domain groups
>use OMG to produce specifications that can be used on Corba, COM, EJB,
>EbXml, MQ and whatever technology is hot next year.
>The good news is that this opens the door for a tighter collaboration
>between EbXml and OMG - they are now truly complementary.  The work that
>is being done in the BP group fits well with the technology independent
>modeling approach OMG would like to use.  OMG domain specifications may
>become EbXml domain specifications via MDA.  Some of us have also been
>trying to keep the OMG work and the EbXml work compatible - and it looks
>like this is on a good track.
>Below is a reference to the OMG initiative, which will be a topic of much
>discussion at the OMG meeting in 2 weeks.  Those with cross-involvement
>may want to stay in touch.
>Cory Casanave

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