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Subject: Re: RIM 0.55 distribution

In Response to:

On Sat, 20 Jan 2001 10:01:59 +0800, Tim McGrath wrote:

>i do not think that the actions of the regrep team have broken the process.

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001 19:14:44 -0500, Farrukh Najmi wrote:

>IMHO when the bride and the groom agree to get married then the priest should
>just bless the ceremony (old middle eastern saying).

It seems that not everyone in RegRep knew what was done on their

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001 16:53:18 -0500, Lisa Carnahan wrote:

>Hello All,
>Help!  RIM 0.55 addresses comments from the QR team.   I didn't see any 
>formal QR comment documents in our mail archive (although I only did a 
>subject thread search).  I found some relevant messages containing draft 
>comments on the RIM in the QR (coord) archive.  Have we formally received 
>these and I just missed it?  Some of the draft comments were fairly 
>significant and I'm wondering (hoping) that they didn't make it into the 
>formal QR comment document.  Can someone please send me the document(s) or 
>a pointer?

I don't object to the close collaboration between RegRep and QRT
in an effort to ensure that the issues are either clarified or
resolved. RegRep has two members that have access to the StC list
to post the team specification as approved by the team. As to the
extension to cutoff date it was my suggestions to do so by
eliminating the Executive review after a positive QRT report.
However the StC and Executive must be confident that any
specification going forward has been approved by the team. The
process suggested by Scott did not ensure that this would be
happening. Since QRT has until Friday to review your document
RegRep has the weekend to address the issued by Lisa.



Klaus-Dieter Naujok                          ebXML & TMWG Chair
Netfish Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, Chief Technology Officer

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