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Subject: Re: Special note for CPP members


Some comments inline:

Martin W Sachs wrote:
> Duane,
> First and foremost, the place for placing requirements on a team to develop
> new functionality is the ebXML Requirements specification, not the TA
> specification, so you need to communicate the desire for these requirements
> to the Requirements team.  The TP section of the TA document thus far is an
> exposition of the architecture and any words you put in should continue
> that style.


> Given any work on negotiation protocol today cannot possibly be in time for
> ebXML Version 1, since the deadline has already passed, any prescriptive
> words that you put in now about negotiation protocol will be empty, so
> putting anything in will mislead the reader into thinking that the function
> exists when it doesn't.  The place for prescriptive words is in the version
> 2 TA specification if ebXML continues to exist after May.
This is a good suggestion. 
> In addition, the whole question of whether it is appropriate to define a
> normative composition and negotiation procedure at all is a major issue
> that needs much wider discussion in ebXML.  Since the very first standards
> (plumbing parts 100 years ago if memory serves me correctly), standards
> have focused entirely on interoperability and have avoided constraining
> implementations.  There are no interoperability issues in CPA composition
> and negotiation as long as both CPPs conform to the ebXML CPA-CPP
> specification.  Any tool that produces the correct CPA works regardless of
> whether vendor A's tool uses the same procedures as vendor B's tool.
The problem many people are starting to see is that Vendor A and vendor
B need to have a definition of what the correct CPA should look like
given two CPP's as input.  More than likely,  the two tools will produce
two different CPAs unless there is a specification or set of rules
(perhaps in the non normative section as you suggested) to guide the
vendors.  It is the "same procedures" wording that causes the majority
of concerns.  What are those "same procedures" and where do I find them
if I am building a CPA negotion engine?

There is obviously a lot fo work to do in this area still.  The
suggestion to have a small group of interested people participate in an
online discussion is excellent.  Several people from XML Global are
committed to provide input.  I am sure that others are anxious to
contribute as well.  Under your groups leadership, maybe they will be
able to put together more than a few paragraphs for the CPP/CPA spec due
out in May.  
> If you nonetheless want to put something in now, it should be something
> like this:
>    The CPA-CPP specification includes a non-normative appendix that
>    discusses CPA composition and negotiation and includes advice as to
>    composition and negotiation procedures.

Okay - we will use this wording.  

> Also, please spell "Collaboration" correctly (NOT "Collaborative").
Oops - my bad!!!

Should Karl set up a separate list for this subject or should it be a
thread under the main CPP group?  

Duane NIckull

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